Design and Presentation Skills for Students

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Every teacher and student can create appealing and effective presentations.  There are a number of tools available today to create stunning presentations.  Three elements are essential:  Layout and Design, Presentation Skills, and Handouts.

Layout and Design

Our brains are wired to perceive visual data faster than any other input data.  The images we choose for our presentations are important.  A full screen image is a great way to gather your audience’s attention.  I am a big fan of Haiku Deck which only allows you to use a full screen image per slide.  If you are using Keynote or PowerPoint you can still use a full screen image.  Even if you do not use a full screen image, I would suggest using only one image per slide.

In regards to text on the screen, use only one phrase or word per slide.  You should not include information you are going to discuss in your presentation on the slides.  Keynote, PowerPoint, or Haiku Deck are tools for your presentation, not content delivery systems.  Again, Haiku Deck does an amazing job with this by limiting the amount of words you can include on each slide.

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Presentation Skills

There are a few elements we should teach our students in delivering their presentations.  First, their physical position in the room is important.  They should find a spot in the room where they can engage the entire class. Roaming the room or not making eye contact with their classmates are not effective presentation skills.  Secondly, there is nothing wrong with using notecards, or something similar, outlining the data for their presentation.  As a presenter you should rehearse your presentation three to four times before presenting.  They should not be reading from their notecards but merely using them as a reference to keep them on track with their presentation.

Handouts for  your Presentation

I would suggest giving the students a copy of the presentation after you have finished.  Doing so prior to your presentation will lend itself to them looking through the slides and not focusing on the presenter.  In the 1:1 environment giving students a link after your presentation is simple and effective.

Layout and design, presentation skills, and handouts are important elements for our teachers and students to create effective and meaningful presentations.

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