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Evernote is a great application to create, organize, and share data across multiple platforms.  If you are looking for a great overview check out Brett Kelly’s guide to Evernote:


Evernote Clearly Icon

Teachers and students have begun using Evernote on a daily basis in classrooms.  It is a great tool to take and organize notes for various courses.  Students can organize their classes into different notebooks, adding notes on a daily basis.  Evernote is also a great tool for collaboration.  One new feature is an add-on app called Evernote Clearly.  Currently you must use either Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.


If you are using the iPad you can use the Dolphin app.


Evernote Clearly takes an article or a web page and sends it to your Evernote Notebook of choice.  Evernote removes the distracting content from the web page sending the article content to the notebook.  If your device has been synced then you can read the article offline.  As a student, this is a great tool to organize your research and data for your classes.  My students are currently researching World War II topics for which they will create a documentary using iMovie.  Evernote Clearly is a great tool for them to organize their research and share it with members of their group.


screen shot of article before viewed in Evernote Clearly


screen shot of article after viewed in Evernote Clearly

In what ways can you and your students use Evernote Clearly in your classroom?

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